about Jamal Smith

Jamal Smith started his career in web/graphic design when he segued from customer service positions that were not taking him anywhere, and realized he needed to start a career. The story he would always tell people when asked how you got into web design is as follows; Jamal Smith was trying to have a web site built for a small business idea he had. After receiving quotes for a basic website that were ridiculously high, he began working on his own site. After sitting up countless nights, and working on the start-up site, he made the decision to go to night school while he worked. From that point on he worked to get to his name on countless web sites.

Jamal attended Katharine Gibbs NY to receive an associate's degree in computer science graduating in 2004. In 2003, Jamal landed a job working for PTI of America, based in Roslyn, NY, working as a graphic/web designer. He worked his way through school, while still trying to build a career for himself. Working for PTI of America, gave Jamal the opportunity to meet people from different industries and continue building his networking and designing skills. In 2004 after gaining a supportive clientele base, Jamal started his own company, Bleu Print Graphix Inc., based in Long Island, NY.

Jamal began working with people in the beauty industry; walking along side Vera Moore from Vera Moore Cosmetics; revamping the company's website, and graphic material, Jamal formed a loving relationship with the Moore family. Vera Moore introduced Jamal to numerous clients, bringing him to social events to meet new clients.


Position: IU/Software Designer

Responsible for both disciplines of User Interface design and development as well as User Experience vectoring for a suite of applications. Work closely with the Software Development Team and members if management to translate requirements into forward-looking designs and contiguous user experience. Develop wireframes that will help define the look and feel of the product suite. Responsibilities will also include validation and iteration of your design with target users, and close partnership with Engineering to ensure product feasibility.

  • Produce designs to help the entire product team while understanding the desired customer experience, story boards, flows, wireframes and prototypes
  • Tackle complex problems and identify new ways to build extensible technology platforms
  • Collaborate effectively with stakeholders to maintain user experience while satisfying technical and creative requirements.
AirTran Airways

Position: Web Production Specialist (Contractor)

  • Owned significant day-to-day production and maintenance responsibilities for website content
  • Worked collaboratively with multidisciplinary teams to plan and build professional and engaging online solutions
  • Ensured online efforts meet high usability standards and support the AirTran brand
  • Ensure standards for style, accessibility and good coding practices are maintained
  • Communicated information effectively and persuasively to stakeholders
Mullen Advertising

Position: Interactive Developer

Responsible for the maintenance the web portal services and initial project manager for the campaign. Designand developed landing pages for clients using HTML, CSS and jQuery.

  • Facilitated the technical and content objectives for assigned programs and campaigns
  • Responsible for scoping projects, communicating with the origin (sales, client, or supervisor) and develop a final product from its inception through completion
  • Managed multiple and simultaneous projects while successfully meeting budgets and timeframes
  • Maintained and updated the following: Current offer spreadsheets, affiliate pages, creation and upkeep of publisher formats and lead delivery instructions and methods.
GE Energy

Position: Interactive Designer (Contractor)

  • Developed website concepts into semantic HTML, XHTML, and CSS
  • Worked with customized in-house content management system
  • Contributed to team meetings and brainstorming for new clients branding identity
  • Tested websites for cross browser compatibility and debugged.
EMI/Virgin/Captiol Records

Position: Interactive Developer (Contractor)

  • Designed and maintained all recording artist website
  • Developed artist E-cards, banner suites, and any additional marketing materials for new media
  • Worked heavily using HTML and CSS to maintain company branding.

* Please feel free to contact me via email, Jamal Smith.